Thursday, November 23, 2006

Unshackeled Shit in da AM...Part 12

I spent the early morning (Nov. 23) on the air with Billy Jam and Braintax (UK) for a special Thanksgiving show that I co-hosted...Billy asked me to pick out a few songs, so I got five songs in rotation...including Aceyalone (Find Out), Shadow and Dan the Automator (Ganges A Go-Go), Orishas (Naci Orishas), Propellerheads (Props Got 'Mo Skills) and Nas (One Mic)...Here's to tasty quiches and blintzes and pineapple, coffee with eggnog (a first for me) and OJ...That was probably the oddest Thanksgiving meal I've ever had...Thanks to Billy...A turkey's life is spared today...Gobble Gobble...Special birthday shoutout to my homegirl Mon...

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