Friday, April 08, 2011

What! I'm Listening to...(Part 14)

Hey there...New recommends for some good tunes...Check out Jacob Miller for that reggae goodness...That one's by Luis from Division X (check out 'What You Riding For')...A recommend from DJ Skeme Richards is the Mad Lads, a 1960's R&B soul group...Really good one too...My man is an avid ICP fan, though he has forgiven me for being an Eminem listener because I knew Eminem from the NYC underground back in the day before he became famous...I've been personally listening to Supertramp a lot after my stay with the Catholics in Manila...


This is the critical year prior to my 12-year zodiac cycle of which I am a water rat...Egypt has declared democracy after 30 years...I do believe this is all because the Bushes are finally out of power in the White House/CIA...Yemen is off the hook...Libya too...and then of course the tsunami and quakes in Japan...I'm worried for a couple of old roomies that I love very much and haven't heard from...however a high school mate is okay living in Southern countryside outside of Tokyo...I don't know what to think about the world at this moment except to say that God is not all good sometimes...but maybe with the Bushes being out of office (they should go to hell for all the irreparable damage they have done in destroying this country's citizens and also allowing power to go to dictators so much in other countries by their hands...), things will right themselves...

FIVE PTS. to be demolished...

Street Art Mecca Five Pointz To Be Demolished

from The Huffington Post | Melinda Brocka First Posted: 03- 9-11 06:34 AM | Updated: 03- 9-11 06:34 AM

New York graffiti Mecca Five Pointz will soon be razed and replaced with high rises and a luxury shopping mall.

Owner Jerry Wolkoff has allowed street artists to create art on the walls of the former warehouse in Long Island since 1993. Marlon Bishop for WNYC reported Wolkoff intends to submit formal redevelopment plans for the $350 project within two weeks. In addition to the residential buildings and commercial spaces, the plans include studio spaces for artists and a wall for graffiti artists to use.

The announcement came as a surprise to graffiti artist Jonathan Cohen, known as Meres, who runs Five Pointz. Following the outpouring of support after the proposal was announced, Meres posted the following response on the Five Pointz website:

The recently announced development plans to convert 5 Pointz into a high-rise residential tower and luxury shopping mall came as a great surprise to us all. We wish we could answer all of your questions and concerns right now but the truth is we were just as surprised by the news as everybody else. Over the past decade Jerry Wolkoff has given us the opportunity to transform the warehouse at Jackson and Crane into 5 Pointz known to you all as the graffiti Mecca, a spot Jerry himself has referred to as a great place.

All we can do right now is sit tight and prepare for the new season, we have walls to fix and materials to acquire in order to welcome you all for our re-opening.

Five Pointz is an outdoor exhibition space displaying the creations of hundreds of graffiti artists. The 200,000 square foot former warehouse currently houses 200 artist studios. The name refers to the coming together of the five New York boroughs, but the space has attracted global attention.

>>>This is the year of my quinciera of painting at what is Five Points now, to be gone, formerly Phun Phactory...Pretty ironic...Turn, turn, seasons turn...Change is the only thing that is to be expected in life, I guess...