Friday, April 08, 2011


This is the critical year prior to my 12-year zodiac cycle of which I am a water rat...Egypt has declared democracy after 30 years...I do believe this is all because the Bushes are finally out of power in the White House/CIA...Yemen is off the hook...Libya too...and then of course the tsunami and quakes in Japan...I'm worried for a couple of old roomies that I love very much and haven't heard from...however a high school mate is okay living in Southern countryside outside of Tokyo...I don't know what to think about the world at this moment except to say that God is not all good sometimes...but maybe with the Bushes being out of office (they should go to hell for all the irreparable damage they have done in destroying this country's citizens and also allowing power to go to dictators so much in other countries by their hands...), things will right themselves...

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