Friday, August 08, 2008


So I was sitting at a cafe (Rooz) using my computer with earphones in and all of a sudden this lurking head appears and grabs onto the screen part of the computer...I grabbed the other end, but he had a better grip because the table was in the way, we struggled and he leveraged it away and ran down the street around the corner up the hill on E.19th and Park Blvd. to a tan goldish Honda '86 car with two people waiting there (according to two eyewitnesses)...It was too late to catch up with the culprit because I had to double back to get my bag...Anyways, I found out there's a software called Lojack for Laptops (Computrace)...Now maybe there might be protection for those innocents who just want to go sit at an internet cafe and not be so apprehensive that something bad might happen...I recommend it for everyone who has a laptop...Thanks to Amanda, the Mas and my silver lining...

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