Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good job so far Obama...

This is a message to President Obama. Way to shake things up...I am waiting to see what happens with the UN's proposal, but in the meantime it's exciting to see a President who is finally on top of things. I approved of the way you handled Gitmo, and now this plan for Afghanistan is a good one. I like that you talked to the heads of the largest banks in the country and that you're on top of the flooding in Fargo. Forgive me for having doubts in you...but I really do think you can make positive changes to our horrible image internationally. Good luck at the g20 summit. And my thoughts on North Korea: there's tons of innocent starving brainwashed people in that closed off part of the world. The crazy despot in charge is to blame, not the people that live in his country. My thoughts on the auto needs to change and become more progressive. We should'nt be so dependent on imported fuels, though I know that would devastate the oil companies, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. Electric fuel cells do not emit gasses. The town hall meeting was a good idea. Bringing politics that used to seem so removed from the people now brings it back to the grassroots.

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