Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Online MSW at USC?

Thinkin' about the online MSW program at USC right now...Hmmm...It costs the same as onsite without having to go to classes and they work with agencies within my community...Don't know if I can afford it, but they are a top ten for social work school in the country...Don't know if I'm disciplined enough to handle an online education though the idea that we won't have to move anywhere for my education is a big plus, not to mention that I'll be doing all those field placement hours on top of school, so maybe eliminating travel time to a campus is a plus too...I'd like to stay in SF for awhile.

I'm gonna apply and if it works out, then school starts in March of 2011, and if it doesn't then I will continue on with my first choice and apply next year since the deadline for scholarships is only a few days away now and life has been too stressful for me this year as is, Washington University's George Warren Brown School for a MSW in Mental Health.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when researching the USC MSW on the Web. I, too, live in the CITY and think the online program is a great alternative. I will be applying in January to start in March. I do have a concern. I'm wondering if we would have any contact with the university such as occasionally dropping in for a lecture or two, or will we have access to the library. Though it is expensive, I feel it's worth the investment and would like to have occasional contact with campus without committing to the onsite program? what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey Carlos,
According to the school, the online program is the same as the onsite program and you can attend classes on campus if you would like, which doesn't really apply with distance learning. I'm excited that the program allows you to work in different cities while getting the degree...I'll be applying sometime in September probably...My first choice had been Washington University, but I have found myself settled into SF and don't really want to leave now...St. Louis has harsher conditions than SF...Anyways, with the Public Loan Forgiveness Program too, makes it appealing...Good luck to you...