Saturday, April 15, 2006

How to break it to someone that you're not hiphop...

I've run into an old buddy of mine from those days I attended Rocksteady regularly...I've been trying to break it to him that I'm not hiphop...I feel like it's so unoriginal to allow yourself to be perceived that way...And to allow yourself to perceive all others in that light...I'm not brainwashed by hiphop. Deep down, I'm still a punk rocker, plain black sweatshirt, combat boots and all...For instance, some girl at a party in Boston had walked into the room I was in and said, "What have you done for hiphop today?" She asked this question to several people. She could've been a Hari Krishna...It's not that I don't appreciate the roots of hiphop, it's just that I'm sick to death of it...When you break it down, painting could have absolutely no connection to dancing or spinning the turntables or rapping...I hate to break this to people, but sometimes I listen to opera or even country and bluegrass...I love that Hank Williams Sr. and I love Cuban jazz...French Cabaret...I guess I'll just have to shake him and say, "Look here, don't pigeonhole me, mister..."

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