Thursday, March 13, 2008

Inside North Korea review...

National Geographic's Inside North Korea is a pretty good insight into the state of the North Korea's health care and also the goodwill of a Nepalese eye surgeon, Dr. Ruit, who travels with reporter Lisa Ling and crew. My one major criticism with Lisa Ling is her butchering of the capital's pronunciation. I know in the West it is common to mispronounce other countries' locales, but she said "Pyongyang" incorrectly so many times and it was like nails on a blackboard for me each and every time. I think as a reporter you should try to get little major things like that right.
What occurred to me during the viewing of the doc was that it was like watching a nation of Stockholm Syndrome afflicted hostages. When the surgery patients actually got their bandages off, they all cried "Mansai" (We praise you) to the "Great Leader" instead of giving their thanks to the good doctor. And it was shocking to learn about 22, the concentration "brainwashing" camp where most never leave from, the place that keeps fear alive in order for their way of life to continue. Also, I didn't realize the largest land mine field in the world is in the DMZ.


Anonymous said...

A question about the north korean defector (the one who apparently crossed electric fences on the DMZ to get to the South) aka Ju.

I noticed he referred to North Korea as "bukhan" which I understand to be a strictly South Korean term.

SnailsOne said...

I'm not sure...I've never actually heard the term.