Thursday, November 06, 2008

What! I'm Listening to...(Part 10)

Buckcherry has a rock punchiness that bites you from behind even in their love ballads and a lot of their song titles are quite morbid..Sara Bareilles has a soulful beauty to her music...Platinum Pied Pipers is my new fave R&B/Soul find...The New Pornographers are a good Alternative choice...Manu Chao is good mellow music, he is a French-born singer and political activist of Spanish (Galician-Basque) origin, and sings mainly in Spanish, French and English but occasionally in a number of other languages....Ratatat is simple electronica, nothing complex...Sargento Garcia AKA Sergent Garcia has a dancehall feel to their Latin music...Amparanoia is also on my Latin listening list, as well as Tonino Carotone (has a Tom Waits reggae sound)...On my World list is Balkans-born Goran Bregovic (he's got a gypsy band sound to his stuff)...I like Telephone from France too...They're a decent Rock band...Also on the French tip is Les Negresses Vertes...Honorable hiphop mention goes to Atlanta's MC Shy-D and Foreign Legion (Trav's Frisco buddies)... Soundtrack gurus Apollo Four Forty came back to haunt me during a rerun of S.W.A.T. on tv...Their electronic grooves make movies that much better...For that loungey jazz sound, I've gone back to Julie London...She's got pipes that are soothing and smooth...Guns N Roses long-awaited latest album, "Chinese Democracy" about to drop on 11/23/08 too...Meredith, thinking of you...This is my list so far...Will keep you posted...

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