Thursday, November 27, 2008

What! I'm Listening to...(Part 11)

Though she's not as good as Julie London, I've broken down and started listening to Diana Krall...There's also Michael Weinstein who is a self-professed scrounger of old standards. Also, a song here and there by the Fray, though they sound too much like Coldplay...Calvin Harris is notable slapstick music, I like MGMT a lot...they have a rawness to their music that makes them stand apart from others...For those hiphop/R&B listeners, Alex got me listening to a bit of Ryan Leslie. On the French tip again, check out Daniel Belanger...For that Latin Ska fusion (their style is hard to pin down, obviously they have a lot of influences) sound, I've found La Vela Puerca...Bryn Christopher has a couple of songs that I like...Soulful...I've also been digging on Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Robert Johnson of late...Little Jackie is from Brooklyn and they are a lot of fun...More to come...Stay tuned.

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