Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm on the radio...This time it's with MR&R...

I did a phone interview with Arwen Curry and Erin Yanke last night for the "You Got a Problem!" show on Maximum Rock and Roll Radio...I think my topic was a bit heavy for the girls and there really was no answer to my problem...getting over the heartbreak of my first love...My first music love was punk rock, but due to the lifestyle that seemed to go hand in hand with hanging out with musicians, I lost a great deal of passion for the scene...And migrated from punk to other types of music...not to be a traitor to my subculture, but I got tired of the excessive substance abuse and crime that sprang from it..I mean, when I started out in the scene, most of us were straightedge...Anyways, Arwen set me straight saying that your first love is just that...It's meant to be heartbreaking because it was my first...As for conservatism and allowing outward appearance to be less edgy, the guilt associated with it loses out to my older more adult tastes...I guess I was just searching for the older punks who feel the same way...There must be a large population. Arwen said there is. That made me feel better.

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