Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Maybe Pitt IS the Newman of our Generation...?

Families move into homes that Pitt built
From yahoo.com By STACEY PLAISANCE, Associated Press Writer Stacey Plaisance, Associated Press Writer2 hrs 43 mins ago

NEW ORLEANS – It was a bittersweet moment for Brad Pitt, walking through the Lower 9th Ward neighborhood where families were preparing to spend their first holidays since Hurricane Katrina...

While the homes built by Pitt's project are more contemporary than the Creole cottages and shotgun-style homes typical of New Orleans, they incorporate some elements used in the area for generations, such as high ceilings and shaded porches.

The homes also have solar panels and other features that help cut energy bills by at least 75 percent, Pitt said. Other architectural elements address challenges of the area, including ventilation and mold- and termite-resistant materials.

"The misunderstanding of architecture is that it's all about aesthetics," Pitt said. "It's not. First and foremost, it's about function."

The homes, costing $150,000 on average, are for property owners who can pay insurance and taxes. Monthly payments are based on applicants' income and subsidized by Pitt's foundation...

>>I miss you Paul Newman...I never got to give you proper homage when you passed, but thank you for being a really decent guy and a role model for everyone...

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