Sunday, May 22, 2011

1AM Gallery on Howard and 6th in SF...

I review this place as the wackest gallery/paint dealer I've ever been to. At first glance, it was looking like a good spot, it sells Montana and caters to graffiti artists...or so I thought. Unfortunately the trendy ignorant girl behind the counter gave me attitude when I was trying to set something special up because i was getting married and then the owner Roman allowed her to be that way to me and was such a toy. I had asked her just who it was that bought paint there. When I first arrived in Cali, I spent money in there. This gallery is in MY hood. I live in this hood I'm sure unlike them. If it is the last place in this city to buy paint, I'll order online first. (Yes, i believe will be my destination for my quinciera supplies. I've gotta lot of love for Tuff City, once upon a time Bomb the System and 12ozprophet, but i've ordered from Artprimo in the past and they're effortless and deliver straight to your door with a wide selection. This is info for people in areas with either no stores or only wack paint stores or dealers so you can take out the middleman. I had to deal with that once. Kem5 was a toy Belton dealer in Boston.) Who the f*ck is Roman anyway? Just some trendy Art-Thug Snob fool toy capitalizing off my people, not his. Once in awhile, I make a promise to go outside of their shows just to see what kind of toys show up. My Dad would expect that of me. BAD. I'm gonna burn Rome down.

Another thing, those snakes at 1AM Gallery better not bite off my pizza boxes which I served them with. Mike WOULD say, "Eat it, BIOTCH!" Isn't that right, 1AM?

Ces in my hood...right across the street...

PS Thanks to Goat Hill Pizza for the free pizza.
PPS Thanks to Pizza Orgasmica for the free pizza also.

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