Sunday, May 22, 2011

i am the fourth horseman...

I fight for the crown...

It would be 21 years that I was on AS this year. It's taken since 2000 to get off the crew finally this year since I was one of the original members. I was serious as a heart attack and no one took me seriously because no one else was serious instead lazy, conformist, unappreciative, scared and hopelessly trendy. In retrospect, ultimately Fred Gromadski aka Sundance was never someone I could respect as a crew leader because he never painted after awhile, he was too terrified of it, so how could he offer security as the crew founder? That's not it entirely. He's a namedropper kissass and it's his fault that the crew is all toys because they all live in and off the past and the rest of the crew is at fault for just going along with it, hiding behind him. Sundance was a gangster to me because he wanted fame without earning it properly. To get fame, you have to DIY and then you can defend somebody else and have a crew. I was taken for granted and then used and abused because everyone just thought of me as some trendy girl toy but Asian so I have money or something. I was never trendy or horny for a graff artist because i had been an equal. They mistook my participation in the crew. It was my heart which was instantly recognized by my adopted puerto rican dad Alex Silva aka Ink76 and he is not AS though his initials are. He is on BAD and I chose to take his crew DAA (Destroy All Artists). This whole time I was the one who made up the moniker, "Abolish Stereotypes" for AS (always selfish) and it had been that sketch in my blackbook that Iz the Wiz had seen when he asked me to paint. No one did that for me. That had been at Lee Quinones' (TC5) show where there were only old school 70's writers and I had been a bit starstruck, though all those writers were down to earth. The anniversary of the first time I did a piece will be October 20th, my quinciera. I challenged Sumdance, Joseph Wright aka Ader, and anyone on TC5 that could be enlisted through Ezra Eismont aka SK or Eskae or Escae to take my name. All I wanted was my name 'Snails' and my moniker. They can all take turns being each other's talent and entourage. I only run with security. And there's been no response from frienemies mine aka coward chickenshits. I've come to the conclusion they're all just a bunch of ignorant basically "white people" (let me explain...there are all races who are afflicted with being white...i do not mean shade of skin...ignorant, inflexible, frivolous, and self-righteous) or to put it properly, white supremacists in disguise" because all they ever did was try to turn me into a stereotype myself, even the minorities on the crew. This is especially true because poor Phresh is stuck in AS and he's my homie. He came over for dinner and even my husband, though he didn't know him at all, saw it that way too. Altered States aka Aerosol Syndicate (yeah right...Ain't street-conscious, Art Star-wannabes), i cannot protect Phresh from superficial Sundance or the rest who insist they are AS but i will keep trying. We are sworn enemies now. Good riddance and welcome to Hell! It's a pity all those toys thinking they were Kings. Wake up gentlemen. You all forgot about Dream way back then but he STILL lives with me and YNN. I'm Filipino. I'm Mongoooooooalian. In my hood, I'm King Khan (not a Queen like Sundance) and you are about to feel my wrath. All day everyday.

Later: had a conversation with Phresh and he had a lot of questions about why but in the end he understood where I've been coming from. Kingships do not just come from skills, especially just having the best handwriting...see, though I got an education in Cali, I mostly value what I learned from Seen, Gaze, The Bronx in general, but Per and Stem...and I tried with Sundance, even bought him a RT plane ticket to visit NYC that cost me a lot of money which he didn't even use and that he let just expire a year later. Why should I lend any support to people who just make my obvious destiny meaningless, illegal and juvenile? Why should I let my scroll reading "Abolish Stereotypes" become worthless? Crew should be even more protected than regular friends because they are crew because they have your back just as fiercely. I felt nothing but violated by AS. And they're supposed to be crew? How am I supposed to protect or defend violators? Why should I be on a crew that defends Ezra (Ezra called AS All Souls...that guru Ass Sucka tried to claim the Temple of Hiphop was in it with him and that he was part of TC5 while saying he wasn't a graffiti artist. He thought he could try to bluff a Mason while he attacked my character. I know Juice and Totem wouldn't have approved of him wielding his power claiming community like that...They're original members of TC5.) when he was the one who was mean and selfish and only teaches people to be selfish with his own actions and now the art scene here is full of toys like him who think anyone can be a graff artist and so they paint in latex and dream of being in galleries like Barry McGee (Twist THR). There had also been a rash of racist vandalism since AS got on the Ezra Art Star-wannabe kick about the time that Mike Dream got shot in the head. Spar and I were talking and he remarked that graff made race relations in NYC much better. In the East Bay, there is a lot of racism and I blame AS for losing their heart for the streets just because they wanted fame and money. [On a side note about Barry...I'm disappointed in the first person who ever showed me "Style Wars" when he was going to SFState. He took so much from Brazil, never gave any credit to the Brazilians and then got famous and now has prodigies like KKK-aty who bombed the opera house.] And so I'm the one to be made to look like a crazy person? AS also put on toy Jennell Belt who was a regular SWF to me aka Sap, Rape and finally Manifest/Math. Like I said before, good riddance to all that white trash and noise! Stem, he said, "take care." and he taught me to, so that is why he is crew and one of the best friends I defend with my life because it is my honor.
Stem did this painting and it meant a lot to me.This is a progress shot of my 'Abolish STereotypes' painting which is about 5'x4'.

Note: in remembrance of Honore Daumier

For Sgt. Fish and Pat

Text added 5/27/11: Phresh said he wanted to hit up "abolish stereotypes" too. I told him he could hit it up but never when he hits up AS or any props to AS and he has to spell out the whole thing in a scroll too. If I had to go to medical school to defeat some of these toys, I would.

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