Thursday, June 01, 2006

A poem for the one who killed me...

A Kiss for the Dying

another place
void of warmth
ravaged by darkness,
only in space,
always seeking, in motion,
speeding, consistently finding nothing,
between visions of paradise and hell,
Still...until you stand in unlit corners,
creeping closer...
until your lips,
for there were no kisses before your mouth,
And there were no dreams
except those found
Until I wake
from dying.

I was just awarded the Editor's Choice award for this poem by and the International Library of Poetry...It will be printed in a hardcover collection and also will be professionally read for a 3-CD collection called The Sound of Poetry...


Cric Mose said...

I was a dead man. It was ONLY the light of this world that brought me to be. Everyday I thank god for all I have... for it was god that gave me all that I perceive. Yet I learned -- What ever I want, is posible.

snails said...

Actually, this poem was not created for you originally, Cric. I'm sorry. In the original version, I wrote it for Deluks and then, revamped it and dedicated to Jose Parla.