Friday, June 09, 2006

Thanks Mark Ecko...

Manhattan: Graffiti-Tool Ban Is Reversed


Published: June 9, 2006 NY Times

In a setback to the city's attempt to cut down on graffiti, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit refused yesterday to stay an earlier court ruling that struck down a law intended to keep graffiti tools away from young vandals. The law, which took effect in January, prohibits the sale of spray paint and broad-tipped markers to people up to 21 years old. The appeals court ruling means that the law cannot be enforced while the earlier court ruling, issued on May 1, is appealed.

>>The opposition for the case said that Mark Ecko was just trying to publicize his clothing company because he has a vested interest in the population that buys his stuff...I believe painting is a rite of passage, a training ground for creativity...graff has produced some amazing artists and art...It would be a shame if the courts take it away from future generations because it decreases violence in the streets, gives pride to neighborhoods...I mean yeah there's always going to be some bullshit between writers, but without the artistic expression, I think that would be the real crime...It is a craft handed down from generations now, not a trend...But that is my opinion...May the force be with all the diehard masters...

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