Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cartooning/Comic Book/Film Tools of the Trade

A few products (essential) to the process of layout for a storyboard/page...However, you could just as well create your own layout styles from your own computer...

Oasis Storyboard Pads (set of three) Price: $30
Expansive pads for left- and right-brain mind-mapping
Storyboard Oasis Pads feature boxes for sketching ideas or objectives, and rules for itemizing their message points or action items.

C has a Moleskine storyboard pocket Notebook...

Item #:KLMB802
Size:3.5 x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm)
Pages:80 pages of top-quality paper -- 40 pages with 2 frames, 40 pages with 4 frames
List Price:$11.00
Our Price:$9.95 at

Unfortunately, they don't make them bigger, however I did find a template guide to create your own pages in a bigger moleskine...Moleskine Hack: Turn a Large Sketchbook into a Storyboard Notebook on Ninth Wave Designs' page.

I also just recently found "Comic Life", the software comic template/layout program by plasq...Add effects to photos or files, some balloons and you have a fresh new comic from start to finish in no time flat. Your iPhoto library and hard drive files are always at your fingertip - just drag in your pictures. Drag on some captions, 'sound effect' text (‘ka-blam!') and speech bubbles and your work is done! An interesting program called "Skitch" is also available by invite only to the Beta version...

P.S. For those who dabble in audio...I am having a lot of fun playing with DJay...It's a great program...a bit slow on the importing of the song to the table...but man, the hours of entertainment...

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