Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Best Method for Recording Cassette Tape to your Mac

Still trying to transfer tape to your ITunes? Not having much luck? I know I'm a bit late on this topic, but research has been kinda fruitless on the subject for me, so after much searching on the internet and failed attempts at using GarageBand which is supposed to be super easy, I came across a better way to record tapes, Audio Hijack plus LineIn...There is a nominal fee for Audio Hijack, but it is superbly useful for other things such as recording Internet radio, WindowsMediaPlayer, RealPlayer, and other types of media files, and LineIn is a freebie by the same company, Rogue. Plug in your stereo with cassette player to your line in on your computer and then sync Audio Hijack with the LineIn application and voila...There's actually a little Effects section in Audio Hijack which allows you to finetune your levels too...

By the way, the recordable tape was introduced to Europe in 1963 by Philips.

Originally designed for dictation, tapes soon became used for home recording and even data storage for computers.

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