Monday, January 28, 2008

DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist-The Hard Sell Tour...

Double Dee and Steinski, two living legends, were the opening act and were worth the price of the ticket to me. They even did part of Lesson #3...Now, Shadow and Cut Chemist were performing with 8 turntables, only 45's (7-inches), echo boxes, and loop effects pedals, and nothing else, none of their computers or keyboards or other things. They had marked loops on the 45's with tape. The preceding video explanation of the Hard Sell Tour was probably the highlight of their set for me. It was really well-done. The Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza is a nice cozy venue, but it is impossible to see anything going on onstage, not to mention DJ's are usually pretty repetitive and boring to watch doing their thing, though the concept of the show was really interesting to me.

Some events coming up at Fillmore are Feb 29th, the English Beat!!

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