Friday, April 18, 2008

The Latest Juxtapoz Riflings

So, the 25th Anniversary of Thriller has given great inspiration to Ghoulish Gary apparently or at least this artwork is timely (Zombie Art Show), Banksy is seen up and about, a statement perhaps about cavemen and fast food society?, Slick (Ceci N'est Pas Graffiti), Ben Frost (Stupid Crap...I guess MTV is good for something...), Chris Stain goes back to the stencil, David Hochbaum (Tracking Invisible Cities), Alex Pardee (Guilty Smurf) and Kenyon (Pinata...(I know the Juxtapoz description talked about Guantanamo Bay, but pinatas aren't Cuban))...Man, isn't there a lot of Obama art out there?!

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